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Travel Blog: halloween

Halloween around the world

It’s Halloween, Stranger Things Season 2 just dropped, and there’s an appetite for creepy in the air; so we thought we’d keep on theme and bring you a little article on how Halloween is celebrated around the world. And if you fancy a trip somewhere with odd Halloween rituals & traditions, or somewhere which celebrates Halloween with fun & parties, there’s still time - we’ve got great hostels to book in all these spots, and cheaper than on other websites!

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Backpacker-Friendly Halloween Costume Ideas

The clocks have been wound back an hour and Winter has officially begun to take hold. Around this time of year the ancient Celts marked the arrival of darker days with the Samhain festival, which included a number of rituals to ward off evil spirits thought to roam our lands. One such ritual was to don costumes to confuse the wandering spirits on Oíche Shamhna, a night which has since become known as Halloween. Irish famine emigrants of the 1840s brought with them to America this ancient tradition and it soon became commercialised.

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