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Travel Blog: Off the beaten track

Quirky Museums You Have to Visit

I like museums but there's only so many galleries and national history one can appreciate before the attention span wanes and our tolerance for slowly ambling around exhibits, which soon start to look all too much the same, is well and truly maxed out. We might start our city-hopping adventure with genuine intentions to visit museums and really take in the history & heritage of the place around us but very often, with just a couple of days in a city, more 'fun' pursuits tend to make their way to the front of the agenda. And rightly so, meeting new people, chilling out, pub-crawls, partying and hangovers are fundamental.

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Woman Travels to 7 World Wonders In 13 Days

Those of you on the fence about taking the plunge to travel the world should take some advice from backpacker wonder woman Megan Sullivan.

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Lets Talk About Statues

That's right, you read correctly - statues. Well, I actually mean sculptures. Here in Prague there are so many weird and wonderful sculptures scattered around the city. Maybe if you have a free afternoon, you can do a statue-hunt?!

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Weird European Laws

Travelling often means experiencing new cultures, as it should, and sometimes these new cultures of distant lands can be overwhelming to one's particular sensibilities, values, beliefs and way of thinking – a case of culture shock. On the other hand there's very little to be shocked about in most places we find ourselves, especially in the majority of Europe. Nobody wants to offend another's culture while engaging in and experiencing it so there is an effort on some level of consciousness to over-think the do's and dont's.

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Europe's Best Bookshops

This one is for you all you book lovers out there! Between the alcohol fuelled nights, naps on trains and long days of sightseeing there's nothing like settling down with a lovely book. Luckily lots of hostels have a book exchange but that's nothing compared to the feeling you get when you walk into bookstore: the smell of paper, the sense of being surrounded by knowledge and the endless supply of stories to get caught up in. So when in Rome (or Europe), why not check out some of these awesome bookshops...

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Best Places To Grab A Beer In Europe

What could be better than a fantastic view and a cold one? Well, if you find yourself wandering around Europe or planning a trip, then we have some fantastic bucket list ideas for you!

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Tiny Towns: Europe's Best Hidden Small Towns

We've all heard of the big, must-see European cities. But what little treasures are we missing out on by just visiting the hotspots? There are so many incredible tiny (and moderately big) towns which are so close to key travel destinations such as Prague, Amsterdam, Munich, Dublin and so forth! Wanna see what you might miss out on? Or just want some travel inspiration? Check this out!

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