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Travel Blog: Food

10 Cheap, Healthy Meal Ideas to Make in a Hostel

The easiest way to save of money (and stay healthy) while travelling is to cook your own food, but between the fun of making friends and sightseeing, spending hours in a crowded community kitchen sounds like a daunting task. To help you out, we’ve come up with 10 delicious and super-cheap meal ideas you can whip-up in no time! Zero expert-level cooking skills necessary.

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7 Backpacker Pet-Peeves (and How to Fix Them)

Backpacking is awesome - meeting people all the time, seeing unexplored places every day through free walking tours, constant new experiences - but there are definitely a few pain-in-the-aspects we wish we could do without.

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1-2-3 Ingredient Recipes All Backpackers Should Know

Keeping to a budget can be tough - and I find that it's food that always seems to end up eating away at my money (excuse the terrible pun!) But with these easy 3-ingredient recipes, you'll keep your wallet and your stomach full!

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21 Quick Microwave Recipes All Backpackers Need To Know

You know when the kettle takes 10 minutes to boil, or everyone is using the stove or you just CANNOT get the flipping oven to turn on. Fear not backpackers. Here at Hostelculture.com we have discovered that the microwave possess so much culinary capability, from Nutella cakes to breakfast burritos, chilli con carne to cheesecake, yep it's all pretty delicious, and super quick! Which means when whether you've come in from that 9 hour bus journey, hungry after that walking tour or generally just in the mood to stuff your face (which is sometimes necessary) we got all kinds of simple and quick dishes that you can whip up in your hostel's kitchen!

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