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Homely Hostels in Budapest

“There's no place like home”, or so the saying goes. But a home away from home may just be the next best thing. Many hostels today have injected the sentiment and feeling of "home" into their establishments, and while travelling is all about getting out of your comfort zone, a homely hostel can be a blessing when you've been trekking for months and living out of a backpack. Especially when you've had your fill of the old school, no-frills, perhaps a little stale, hostel environment. Here's our pick of Budapest hostels which are cheap and cheerful and offer a homely, familial, and cosy vibe. Enjoy.

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Homely Hostels in Beautiful Barcelona

Barcelona is a vibrant wonderland of colour, culture, sun, sea & sand and amazing nightlife. It is also a city of many fantastic hostels and the variety of types and styles of hostels to suit the traveller here is rich. Today we've brought you a quick look at just a few of the hostels which offer a homely, familial vibe with an element of tranquility and sense of sanctuary from the excitingly energetic madness of this wonderful city, all while maintaining a fun & social atmosphere. Enjoy.

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Stay in Style with Design Hostels in Budapest

Hostels have evolved big time over the past couple of decades. The no-frills, rough-'n'-ready domain of the old-school backpacker is a dying breed and today hostels often rival, indeed, surpass in many instances, 'hotel-standard' quality in terms of facilities and style. With this evolution from the traditional hostel, different types of hostels have emerged – be it Eco/sustainable hostels, party hostels, homely hostels, activity hostels, boutique/design hostels and so on. There are a few important things within a hostel owner's control that define the tone and character of their hostel.

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10 Hostels in Prague to Call Home

Prague has become a very attractive city for backpackers & budget travellers and an ideal destination for those seeking a unique city trip owing to it's charming fairy-tale-like medieval character, rich history & vibrant culture and, of course, an exceptional nightlife. Prague is relatively inexpensive to be in; beer, food and beds are pretty cheap compared to most other European cities while it's location, slap-bang in the centre of Europe, makes it an inviting stop enroute to or from other key cities such as Budapest, Vienna, Kraków and Berlin.

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6 Excellent Hostels in 5 Exciting Berlin Districts

Berlin. Two syllables which instantly paint a wonderful picture of bold, vibrant colours blending seamlessly with classic, harsh & gritty tones. It's a dramatic and mesmerising showpiece on a sprawling canvas, evoking intensity and calm in equal measure. This big picture of Berlin is indeed the sum of its parts; that is the numerous districts, each exuding their own individual character, style and appeal, which make the German capital a fascinating mix of trendy, classical, cultural, cool, alternative & atmospheric. Here's our intro to 5 of the most popular Berlin districts and, of course, our choice of the quality hostels you can call home in each.

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