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Travel Blog: Barcelona

10 Barcelona Hostels with Design at the Heart

We've written previously about beautiful design hostels, those which make a design-conscious effort to inject style and luxury, and often a bit of quirk, into the hostel experience with a bit of a homely vibe, too – be it industrial, art nouveau, old-world rustic, shabby-chic or Scandinavian modern (thanks IKEA), design gives the hostel a particular character and identity and adds a certain colour to your stay.

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Homely Hostels in Beautiful Barcelona

Barcelona is a vibrant wonderland of colour, culture, sun, sea & sand and amazing nightlife. It is also a city of many fantastic hostels and the variety of types and styles of hostels to suit the traveller here is rich. Today we've brought you a quick look at just a few of the hostels which offer a homely, familial vibe with an element of tranquility and sense of sanctuary from the excitingly energetic madness of this wonderful city, all while maintaining a fun & social atmosphere. Enjoy.

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