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Woman Travels to 7 World Wonders In 13 Days

Those of you on the fence about taking the plunge to travel the world should take some advice from backpacker wonder woman Megan Sullivan.

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Weird European Laws

Travelling often means experiencing new cultures, as it should, and sometimes these new cultures of distant lands can be overwhelming to one's particular sensibilities, values, beliefs and way of thinking – a case of culture shock. On the other hand there's very little to be shocked about in most places we find ourselves, especially in the majority of Europe. Nobody wants to offend another's culture while engaging in and experiencing it so there is an effort on some level of consciousness to over-think the do's and dont's.

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Europe's Best Flea Markets

An old saying goes “collect memories, not things”. It is an ideal philosophy for backpackers to live by – not least for the romantic sensibility of it all but also, given the limited space in one's backpack and the fact that things tend to cost money, memories don't make you anxious when your backpack is weighed at the airport nor do they break the bank; well, modest memories at least. But I think there's something to be said for the souvenir. Something tactile that you can see, hold, put on your mantelpiece, something which represents the journey, an experience, a memory, a feeling, maybe even just a moment.

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Best Places To Catch The Superbowl Across Europe This Sunday!

Whether you're a Seahawk, Patriot or not even American you can't ignore the fact that the Super Bowl is a pretty big f*cking deal. Although for you Americans, or fans of the sport in Europe you might be wondering where you can catch this big game this weekend? Well, here at HostelCulture we've sussed all the best spots to grab a few cold ones, yell at giant tv screens and make some sport enthusiast pals to hang out 'MURICA STYLE!

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A New Take On 'Meaningful Travel'

I recently read one of those 'inspirational' pearls of wisdom romanticising the notion of travel, you know those random travel quotes set against a faded 'Amaro' or some such filtered image of a picturesque or sublime landscape and which tends to frequent the travel enthusiast's Facebook feed.

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Awesome Air Travel Website Sued By United Airlines For 75K

Flying across the U.S is probably most costly way of traveling until now. Computer science graduate, tech-savvy and travel wiz Aktarer Zaman has uncovered a nifty way to save money on flight tickets, a simple but oh so great technique.

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