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Travel Blog: Europe

Meet Fellow Backpackers at These Social Budapest Hostels

Budapest is a happening city, full of activity and home to a vibrant social scene. It's a city waiting to be explored & embraced and there's no better way to do that than with like-minded people. Hostels are, by their very nature, social spaces but some have better managed to nurture a social atmosphere than others. Here's our list of Budapest hostels where meeting fellow backpackers is easily done, and done in style!

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Do We Really Embrace Travelling?

I recently received a phone call here in Dublin from a mother in the United States who was trying to get in contact with her son. She sounded worried. She hadn't heard from him in five days. This wasn't like him and such a stint without contacting home was out of character.

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14 Movies That Will Get You in the Mood (to Travel)

Sure, nothing beats the real thing, but we're all down for a fantasizing every once and a while. So break out the popcorn, get comfy in your PJs and get watching! Whether it's the thrill of a flight taking off or the excitement of a foreign place that gets you going, here's an essential list of wanderlust-inspiring movies that will get you in the mood to travel in no time.

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Bucket List: Festival Edition

We're getting into the thick of the Summer which means that, among many other sunshine-filled outdoor activities, music festival season is well under way. Europe hosts a hell of a lot of festivals throughout the Summer months and these provide a fantastic reason for visiting some great places. Why not nip off to a new city for a few days and join a few thousand other fun-lovin' peeps to bounce around in a field to the sounds of Summer. Here's our top festival picks to consider; some are well-known, big-name artist weekenders drawing huge crowds while a few are lesser known, smaller domestic festivals but more than worthy of feeding your festival appetite. Enjoy.

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Travel Buds: A Guide To Cannabis In Europe

When I was seventeen it was a very good year. It was the year I left my home-place in the countryside for the bright lights of Dublin to begin University and the academic pursuits which at that time were supposed to shape the rest of my life.

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