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Travel Blog: Things to do

Quirky Museums You Have to Visit

I like museums but there's only so many galleries and national history one can appreciate before the attention span wanes and our tolerance for slowly ambling around exhibits, which soon start to look all too much the same, is well and truly maxed out. We might start our city-hopping adventure with genuine intentions to visit museums and really take in the history & heritage of the place around us but very often, with just a couple of days in a city, more 'fun' pursuits tend to make their way to the front of the agenda. And rightly so, meeting new people, chilling out, pub-crawls, partying and hangovers are fundamental.

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Best Book Shops In London

It's always good to have a book while you're on the go. Countless hours of train journeys, bus migrations and layover in airports mean you have a lot of time to spare, and if you're a book lover (like yours truly) then where's a better place to pick up a book than London? Home to endless literary greats, it's no wonder its host to thousand of book shops. But which are the best book shops in London? Well, we've got that sorted!

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15 Things You Can Do In London For Under £5

Everyone says London is amazing, it's bustling and it's incredibly expensive. We can all agree on those points. I've been to London about 20-something times because I freakin' love the place (obviously). But I've also mastered spending a lot of time here without spending a sh*t ton of cash. There's plenty of cheap, if not free things to do in London! So without further a due, here are 15 things you can do in London for under £5!

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Europe's Best Flea Markets

An old saying goes “collect memories, not things”. It is an ideal philosophy for backpackers to live by – not least for the romantic sensibility of it all but also, given the limited space in one's backpack and the fact that things tend to cost money, memories don't make you anxious when your backpack is weighed at the airport nor do they break the bank; well, modest memories at least. But I think there's something to be said for the souvenir. Something tactile that you can see, hold, put on your mantelpiece, something which represents the journey, an experience, a memory, a feeling, maybe even just a moment.

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