That one little s can represent so much though…


Social – In hostels, you’d need to try pretty hard to keep to yourself. In hotels, you’re really required to make an effort if you want to interact with other guests. Hostel culture is a social culture, and great hostels embrace this with well thought out common areas & shared facilities, activities & events.


backpackers socialize in hostel


Save – Save so much money and stretch your budget further by embracing hostels over hotels & other accommodations. is cheaper than other booking sites & gives you 5% off all marked prices upon booking, just because! You’re welcome.



Sharing – A truly rewarding aspect of hostels; not just sharing dorms, common areas, and maybe dinner, but sharing stories & experiences. Ultimately, it’s about sharing yourself, positives & flaws, learning more about yourself & learning from others.



Style – Hostels have upped the game in the style department and are no longer no-frills ’second-rate hotels’. While hotels are often inherently stylish, they tend to play within conventional rules. Hostels allow themselves much more freedom of expression when it comes to quirk & funky décor. With choices including ‘boutique’ & ‘design’ hostels, they’re not just ‘hostels’ anymore.


funky hostel style


Staff – Hostel staff are a special breed. There’s not many hotels where the receptionists happily check you in, and then happily get shit-face with you after their shift. Consummate professionals though they are, you can nearly always rely on hostel staff to play an important part in your hostel & travel experience if you so choose; the ‘guest and staff’ labels in a hostel tend not to over-ride the fact that we’re all just people.


[caption id="attachment_4754" align="aligncenter" width="600"]hostel staff The lovely crew at Good Morning Hostel Lisbon[/caption]


Sexy-time - And with all this socialising, sharing, sociable staff, and sleeping in style it’s not uncommon for travel romances to blossom in hostels. Hey, it’s a politer ‘s’ to use than shagging!


See more – While hotels are often happy to recommend local activities, give you a flyer or sell you a ticket, hostels usually make accessing local culture & experiences a real part of their mission, organising events & activities like pub crawls & free tours, often starting from their own reception – fun ways to see more & get unique insight to local life.


free tour group


Swap – Many hostels allow you to swap some hours working in the hostel for your stay, instead of paying for your bed. Handy when you arrive for a couple of days and still haven’t left a month later!



So, when you’re seeking a stay with substance, shenanigans & something special, shake it up a little and stay in hostels. Celebrate the s!

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Written by Ray, in Sweden, while listening to Irma Thomas, The Animals, Neil Young, and the Spice Girls (I'm not ashamed).