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About us

What is Viagio?

The name says it all really. We work to promote hostels and the culture of hostelling. Hostels are so much more than just a place to sleep, it's an experience and one which we truly believe enriches not just the journey but indeed your outlook & life beyond the journey.

When we started the Viagio project in 2012 we had been working in hostels for many years, a lot of our short lives, and we loved it; meeting new happy travelers every single day, learning from them, teaching them, and being part of an experience they truly valued and gained a lot from. We know first hand that your hostel is an important part of your travels, more than great facilities, unique character & style, it's where you can feel close to the place and the people around you and we aim to not only make finding the right hostel for you an easy and honest process but also to make authentic local culture easily accessible regardless of budget.

That's why we operate fantastic free tours and great value activities in 6 capital cities (with many more to come) all designed with the hosteller in mind to embrace the fun, social spirit of travelling (or hostelling) and show visitors these places through the eyes of genuine locals, feel the atmosphere and pulse of these cities and have them head to their next destination happy, fulfilled and enlightened. It may be a cliche but wiser people than us have said that if you do what you love for a living you'll never have to work a day in your life and we're realising just how true that is. We love what we do, we love this lifestyle, we love hostels and we hope to still be doing a lot for what we love when we are old, fatter, and further than ever from cool. But we'll always be loving it!